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Where's the frame

September 11, 2020 6:17 PM


These next-gen of artists explored the fine line between inside and outside, the hidden and the revealed in this summer residency at The Columbia. This culminated in this fantastic exhibition The Edge which is only on view for a couple of days, so you can see real art IRL!!!

Reflecting the chaos of the world we live in, this group of highly talented artists Carla Borel, Tommy Camerno, Thomas Hjelm, Jack Laver, Angélica Lèbre, Tia O’Donnell, and Shaqúelle Whyte has been working in different styles and media: photography, painting, poetry, and, what can only be described as, mixed media. The artists explore the complexities of the hidden, protected and, layered, to what lies beneath the surface or behind closed doors, The Edge presents a mysterious interpretation of the ‘truth’ that we choose to conceal. The mystery is even more real by the, dare we say it, 2004 Saw I basement surroundings of the this part of the Columbia hotel. But in all seriousness, the artworks on view are amazing, exploring the human condition in different ways.

The Edge opened on Thursday 10 September and will be on display at the Columbia until 13 September 2020. For more information click here. Believe us, you want to see this!

Shaqúelle Whyte, where did the flowers go, 2020. Oil and oil pastel on canvas. Rights of the artist.

Thomas Hjelm, Double Happiness, 2020. Sewn together collage of painted and printed linen. Rights of the artist.

Tia O'Donnell, Smile Ted, 2020. Acrylic and handmade frame from wood found in a skip. Rights of the artist.

Jack Laver, 08:03, 2020. Mixed media op paper, mounted on wooden canvas. Rights of the artist.

Tommy Camerno, Cristal, 2020. Acrylic on canvas. Rights of the artist.

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