About us

where’s the frame? is a fresh online gallery dedicated to the newest generation of artists. Directly working with artists themselves, we’re committed to creating an uplifting space for the frontrunners in the arts. Based in London but operating digitally, collectors worldwide can invest in tomorrow’s leading artists.

Founded by two Central Saint Martins grads, whose academic perspective on art was turned upside down by studying at an art school, we’re trying to overturn an outdated detached academic approach and traditional focus on artists of the past. Nobody wants long-winded jargon-filled obscure texts so we celebrate the artists of today in a very personal way.

At where’s the frame? it’s all about the artists instead of just the artworks. Working with up and coming artists means that you directly support and impact their career. It also takes away any concerns about an artwork being a fake, in a bad condition, or fishy previous owners. Working at the forefront of a rapidly changing art world, we foster a sense of community between next-gen artists and collectors.

Keep tabs on the latest in the arts by reading our editorials and artists texts, or collect art from our collections or art drops. Or find your perfect artwork through our CONCIERGE SERVICE - we will give you 360 personalised advice to kick off or expand your collection. Through this new kind of service, we will introduce you to a new art ecosystem consisting of a global network of artists.  WTF? takes care of everything: from finding to perfect artwork to shipping, we make the collecting experience the seamless as possible.

where’s the frame? is a one-stop URL to discover, learn about, and collect vanguard art.

Maribelle Bierens

Maribelle Bierens received her B.A. in Art History from the University of Amsterdam. She holds an MRes degree in Exhibition Studies from Central Saint Martins.
She has worked in commercial and non-profit galleries all over Europe and in New York. 

Gianina Ivodie

Gianina graduated from Central Saint Martins with an MRes in Art: Exhibition Studies where she was a recipient of the Trask scholarship for academic merit.
Before where’s the frame? She has worked in numerous design and publishing firms in Jakarta and London.

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