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Where's the frame

Maribelle Bierens

May 17, 2024 4:55 PM


Night Café is delighted to announce ‘morphic fields,’ a duo exhibition with Sofía Clausse and Elli Antoniou. In this exhibiton, the artists delve into the concept of becoming, emphasising the fluid and transformative nature inherent to materials. Each work within itself, and the works together, build a narrative of perpetual transformation, refusing to be static.

Installation view 'Morphic Fields'

Sofía Clausse approaches her work with a circular methodology, seeking connections between materials and concepts. Working primarily with painting, paper, diagrams, and ceramics, she constructs a visual universe that reflects her research into time, repetition, cycles, and language. Her process involves stretching the limits of these elements, morphing them into diverse forms, and extending them beyond conventional boundaries. This iterative approach highlights a narrative of continuous transformation, where one state seamlessly flows into another, perpetually moving into something else.

Installation view 'Morphic Fields'.

Elli Antoniou’s practice revolves around the exploration of materiality, particularly focusing on stainless steel as a medium. Through meticulous experimental techniques, she unveils compositions on the metal’s surface, which reveal themselves through light reflection. These ‘metallic drawings’ become animated by the surrounding light, offering scaleless fluid cosmoi in perpetual motion. Antoniou’s practice is not merely creation but performance, engaging in a high-speed choreography of synthesis with her tools, claiming co-authorship with them. Here, the metal itself undergoes a transformative journey, constantly evolving and responding to its environment, embodying the essence of perpetual change and becoming.

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