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Where's the frame

Maribelle Bierens

August 14, 2023 9:44 AM


Opening this Thursday, August 17th, at Carl Kostyál Gallery, 'Look but don’t touch', Callum Eaton debut solo exhibition, where visitors can see his meticulously rendered pieces challenge the boundary between art and reality. 

Portrait of Callum Eaton. Photography by Brynley Odu Davies

Following his pursuit of painterly perfection in the realm of photorealism during his time at Goldsmiths, Callum Eaton witnessed an amusing incident during an early open studio session. An intoxicated attendee attempted, in vain, to interact with a two-dimensional depiction of a conventional cash machine, leaving Eaton with a sense of satisfaction. This scenario drew parallels with the legendary tale of illusionary artworks, Zeuxis and Parrhasius' contest of artistic deception. Inspired by Parrhasius, Eaton's current collection challenges reality; he explores the transformation of everyday objects into self-referential, two-dimensional readymades that preserve form while losing their function.

Coke Addict, 2023, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, 180 x 120 cm. Image Courtesy of Carl Kostyál and the Artist

Having exhibited 'Hole in the Wall' at Paris' Long Story Short gallery earlier this year, featuring flat and functionless ATM machines, Eaton's London debut broadens the scope. In this exhibition, visitors can experience his works that look like overlooked street furniture, coke vending machines, and urban architecture from his hometown, meticulously documenting everyday surroundings and encapsulating his world in two dimensions. Callum Eaton's exhibition provokes contemplation about the interplay between perception, reality, and the two dimensional representation of the world that’s depicted on the canvas. 

You can visit 'Look but don’t touch' until September 9th, 2023. For more information, visit Carl Kostyál Gallery’s website.