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Where's the frame

April 23, 2021 10:16 AM


Get to know one of London’s up-and-coming artists Sofía Clausse. This Argentina born artist investigates different kinds of systems - such as repetition, time, language, and cycles - through art. A line that threads through all of her works is thinking through art and how everything - in different ways - relates to each other. Here are 5 questions.

As you’re working in London, how different is the contemporary art scene in London compared to the one in the States?

Well, when I was in the states I was studying at the Rhode Island School of Design, which is in Providence, quite a small town. But there's a lot of students there, since it's mainly universities there. So most of the art I'd see was from my university, RISD, which was great. Students are so ambitiously creative and very open, and there's a wide range of degrees there like furniture, jewellery, architecture, fashion, or graphic design. 

Where’s the one place you’re dying to visit?

I'd love to go to Peru because I love the traditional textiles from there, the colors they use and patterns. I like to look at the local crafts when I go to a new place. A few years ago I went to Guatemala mainly because I love the weaving from there. 

What do you miss about Providence?

I miss that it was a small town so you can get to know a lot of people, and everyone was so focused and dedicated to their work. I also miss the RISD library, it's one of the most beautiful libraries in the world! 


Do you have a life soundtrack?

I got Rosalia's record 'El Mal Querer', and I love how she takes traditional root Spanish music and makes it contemporary, and there's a lot of hidden symbols and poetry in her songs.

What’s the weirdest thing you found on the streets of London?

Not exactly a thing, but actually people that I know. It's happened so many times here in London that I think of someone, and then a few minutes later I bump into them!

You can collect the pieces she's created for PAPER MODE here.

Follow Sofía on her instagram and her website.

Artwork photographs courtesy of the artist. Portraits taken by Alina zum Hebel (website/ instagram). Photography courtesy of where’s the frame? and Alina zum Hebel.

where’s the frame? - ‘PAPER MODE’ is a collection of 6 up and coming London based artists. The collection is available from April 21, 2021 until July 21, 2021.

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