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Where's the frame

Maribelle Bierens

July 4, 2024 1:58 PM


Night Café is pleased to announce ‘Bump in the Night’, an exhibition curated by Thom Oosterhof, featuring works by Tim Wilson, Katelyn Eichwald, Steffen Kern, and Anthony Goicolea. The exhibition runs until July 26, 2024 

Drawing inspiration from Spike Milligan’s poem “Things that go ‘bump’ in the night,” the exhibition delves into how the absence of light and sensory deprivation cultivate a sense of suspense,  where the anticipation of the unseen and unknown lurks. In this darkness, every sound, every  shadow, can provoke a heightened sense of alertness and psychological tension. 

Installation view ‘Bump in the Night’. Photography by Vinx. 

Curator Thom Oosterhof is interested in creating a space that holds the tension of this moment, often in the middle of the night, when something seems on the verge of happening. Triggered by a sound, a creak, something alien that, through the absence of light and our interpretation of sound, immediately heightens the senses and ignites psychological tension. 

Steffen Kern, ‘House and Rear-View Mirror’, 2024 Black Pastel and Color Pencil on Paper (framed) 7.87x15.75 in / 20x40 cm. Photography by Vinx.

“Each of the 4 participating artists, through their use of light and subject matter, has this edge,  this tension, in abundance,” Thom explains, “I wanted to explore what would happen if their  work came together in a single space, charged by the environment and intimacy of the space  itself.” 

“Each of the 4 participating artists, through their use of light and subject matter, has this edge,  this tension, in abundance,”

In his paintings, Tim Wilson conjures silent scenes of empty interiors hued in darkness, instigating intrigue regarding what could unfold. Whether it’s an unoccupied couch or an empty  stairway, he heightens our sensory awareness of how we occupy those spaces, as well as the  intimacies of the spaces we inhabit.  

Building suspense in a different way, Katelyn Eichwald places familiar elements in unfamiliar  contexts, opening the door to endless narratives. Whether through cropped compositions or  distant perspectives, she skilfully isolates elements, creating an atmosphere charged with tension.  

Installation view ‘Bump in the Night’. Photography by Vinx. 

Marked by luminous contrasts of light and shadow, Steffen Kern’s pencil and charcoal drawings heighten awareness. Drawing from photography, his works blur reality and imagination,  creating compositions that are familiar and yet vaguely uncanny, falling somewhere between  film stills and scenes from everyday life.  

Anthony Goicolea explores themes ranging from personal history and identity, to cultural tradition and heritage, to alienation and displacement. In a striking dark colour palette, Goicolea builds narratives that are mysterious and range from haunting to comforting.  

Tim Wilson, ‘Berlin 1’, 2022. Oil on paper mounted on linen streched panel. 18.27x12.24 in / 46x4 x 31.1 cm. Courtesy of Tim Wilson and Nathalie Karg Gallery. Photography by Vinx. 

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