How do I collect artwork from where’s the frame? 
All of our sales are finalised over email. You can let us know which work you’re interested in and if you want to collect it, we’ll send over an invoice and T&C’s. When we’ve received payment, we’ll ship the artwork to you.   

How do I know that what I am buying is an authentic work of art?
We directly work with artists so every work on where’s the frame? is an authentic work of art. All artworks are signed by the artist and delivered witha certificate of authenticity. For art collecting through our art advisory service, we only work with the most trusted auction houses, dealers and galleries in the field who themselves only sell art that they have guarantees as authentic. Next to that, we look at the provenance and make sure it includes a certificate of authenticity.   

Do you offer the option to pay in instalments?
Making art collecting accessible as much as we can is really important to us. Therefore, in some cases, where’s the frame? offers interest-free flexible payments. Let us know you want to pay in instalments and we can see what we can do.   

If I love an artist’s style, can I commission a new work?
We’d be happy to discuss special requests or commissions with our artists or anyone from our vast network of new talent. Please reach out toinfo@wherestheframe.com.   

Can I see an artwork before purchasing?
Most of the artworks are located at our artist’s studios, so during COVID in most cases, it’s difficult to arrange a viewing before purchasing. However, we can always schedule a zoom or teams meeting to show the work on camera. 
For art collecting through our art advisory service, it depends on the location of the artwork whether we can arrange a viewing.   

Could you frame the artworks for me?
We happily frame your artwork for you. Those prices depend on the size and preferences so please let us know when you contact us about a piece. But please note that inmost cases, it results in higher shipping fees and longer delivery times.   

How do I purchase artwork from where’s the frame?
Like most galleries, we’ll send you an invoice and the T&C’s and you simply transfer the money to our account. When we’ve received payment, we’ll ship the work of art to you.   

In which currency can I make payments?
All prices are presented in British Pounds and that all purchases are processed in British Pounds. But exceptions are possible so talk to us before if you want to make payments in a different currency.Some banks charge a fee to make an international bank transfer. You must instruct your bank that all charges (including those of the beneficiary’s bank) are to be paid by the sender. Any difference between the invoice and the amount received by us, will have to be settled by you before we ship the artwork.    

------------------------------------------------------------------------ART ADVISORY SERVICES-----------------------------------------------------------------------

How does the art advisory service work?
Buying or selling a piece of art can be challenging so we will take care of everything:from sourcing the authentic artworks that suit your aesthetic preferences, to safe shipping, all the time carefully working to mitigate the potential risk for you. First, you can let us know that you’re interested in guidance for collecting an artwork. We’ll contact you to discuss your budget, our commission rates, aesthetical preferences and favourite artists. Then, we’ll get back to you with a couple of options. When you’ve picked an artist or style, we’ll trace down a suitable work of art for the best price from trustworthy channels and make sure it’s safely delivered to a preferred destination.   

What is your area of expertise?
From rising stars to art icons - we got you covered. We have a deep knowledge of the newest generation of talented artists and contemporary art from the1960s onwards. We have established networks with collectors, artists, and fine art faculties to provide expert, independent advice tailored to meet your needs.  

How do I know that I’m buying an authentic work of art?

We only work with the most trusted auction houses, dealers and galleries in the field who themselves only sell art that they have guarantees as authentic. Next to that, we look at the provenance and make sure it includes a certificate of authenticity.     

------------------------------------------------------------------------SHIPPING & RETURNS------------------------------------------------------------------------

How can I track my order? 
As soon as the artwork is dispatched, you’ll receive an email in which you can track the package.   

Where can I have my order delivered?
We offer worldwide shipping but the shipping fees vary from country to country. The shipping fees as calculated at the check-out.

How does shipping work and how long does it take?
After you’ve inquired about a certain artwork, we’ll give you an ETA on when you can expect the artwork to arrive. The artworks from our collection ship from London but artworks bought through our art advisory service might be located any wherein the world. We always work hard to make sure you don’t have to wait long for your artwork but delivery times depend on location.   

Do I need to pay import duties and taxes? 
International shipments are subject to duty and tax as determined by the customs of the importing country. In most cases, you are responsible for paying those duties and taxes. Please get in contact with us if you need more information.  

How do refunds and returns work?
In line with UK &EU Law you have 14 days to request a refund as of the moment you receive the item. However, in some cases, artworks purchases through our art advisory service might not be returnable.  Please note that you must then return the item within 14 days from the day you requested a refund and you are responsible for paying for the cost of returning the item. Refunds will be sent within 31 days from the date the work arrives at its original location. However, if the returned item is damaged where’s the frame? has the right to deduct the cost of this damage. 

To return an artwork, please follow the following steps:Let us know which artwork you want to return and why
In some cases in Jakarta, Amsterdam and London, we’ll be able to pick up the work so you don’t have to ship it. Otherwise, rewrap and repackage the artwork securely. If you are unsure if it’s securely packed, please contact us. Arrange to send the packaged artwork directly back to the artist using a traceable and trustworthy shipping method. Email all shipping details including tracking number to info@wherestheframe.com Please note that where’s the frame? is not responsible for undelivered returns, we would therefore strongly recommend you to insure the shipment when returning artwork.  

What to do when I receive a damaged artwork? 
We do everything in our power to securely pad and wrap each artwork before shipping but in the very unfortunate event that your order arrives damaged, we ask you to take a picture of the shipping container it arrived in and the artwork itself and email us immediately at info@wherestheframe.com. We will be quickly in touch to refund your purchase.  

Who will pay for the return shipment costs? 
Unless you return an artwork damaged before delivery, the return shipping costs remain the responsibility of the collector.