Sian Fan

Poison 3, 2022

Unframed, Edition of 3

59.4 x 84.1 cm

Giclée print on Fine Art Paper

This is a unique work

£ 525.00 

£ 525.00 



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About the Work

Medium: Giclée print on Fine Art Paper

Signature: On the front

Condition: Brand new

Certificate of Authenticity: Included

In this work, Sian expands on the notion of how in video games, botanicals and florals recur in cyber spaces as having healing properties. She uses florals within her work to represent that intangible quality of humanity. For her, the healing properties that flowers have, are tangled in that idea of this idea that florals represent the quality of humanity as a whole, whether that’s the soul, the spirit, the consciousness, chi, that spiritual quality of being human. The selected works are either part of the Cure series or Poison series. The works in the Cure series look at the healing power of florals and the works from the Poison series, as the title reveals, are their antitheses. Harking back at her heritage, Sian is interested in looking at Asian philosophies in her work, the yin and yang for example. This is reflected in these selected works in the sense that there is this duality; although it’s in opposition, it’s a balance. She explains how it’s it’s a black mirror, a common thread through Sian’s work. In these works, although they’re connected, there is darkness and the light, there is poison and the cure. 

About the artist

Having a background in performance art, Sian Fan thinks about being human in the digital age. Examining how we construct identities and existences in digital spaces that go beyond our physical bodies, Sian is interested in using interactive technologies to create direct connections between the physical and the virtual. Often using florals to represent the spiritual quality of being human, her work feels like an entwinement of a virtual simulation and the natural world. In doing so, she works with the complexities of the human experience in our increasingly digitised and hyperconnected world. 

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Poison 3

£ 525.00