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Where's the frame

May 13, 2024 8:42 PM


Sympoiesis, a group show with works by the emerging artists, Finlay Abbott Ellwood, Luke Hamel Cooke, Grace Lee, Skinny, Joanna van Son & Kasia Wozniak, is now open at Izena, 309 Bethnal Green Road. Curated by Stella Smith and Lydia Dickens, Sympoiesis takes its title from a concept found in feminist philosophy, particularly in the works of Donna J. Haraway.

Izena, a new gallery in Bethnal Green in London

In her writings on Sympoiesis, Haraway outlines the interconnectedness and relationality of objects and beings. In the case of this exhibition, the concept highlights the ways in which these artworks are constituted within complex systems; how the objects and spaces within the works are passed down, re-used and repurposed.

Lydia Dickens and Stella Smith, the curators of Sympoiesis, the inaugural exhibition at Izena

Stella and Lydia have curated the works of these six artists in order to elicit a feeling of interconnectedness, in the hopes of achieving mutual flourishing - a concept at the very core of both this exhibition and of Izena as a space. Whilst maintaining independent identities, the works here operate in a symbiotic relationship by reacting to and elevating one another to create a whole.

The exhibition runs until the 2nd of July 2024. For more information, visit the gallery's website.

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