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September 11, 2020 10:14 AM


Central Saint Martin’s graduate Sandra Poulson is the winner of this year's MullenLowe NOVA Awards, for her work ‘An Angolan Archive’ that dissects the importance of collective memory from Colonial Angola and the Civil War. Sandra’s work aims to dismantle contemporary Angola through semiotic studies of ordinary objects as actors in cultural and political transformations. All items included are studied at a material level and most importantly, in its material culture perspective.

From 1,300 graduating students, Sandra was one out of 14 shortlists to receive a MullenLowe NOVA Award, chosen for her work that represents a new narrative with impeccable execution amidst Covid-19 and lockdown for the graduating students this year. "It feels incredible! because it has been a journey of emotions. Not only personal but societal emotions have been involved in the process of getting the work done, it’s so important that people can see the value in the work." says Sandra. You can read more about her practice, the importance of decolonisation and her time at CSM in our interview with her here


Sandra Poulson, ‘THE SUIT AND CUBE FRAME’ 2020

Sandra Poulson, 'HALO TRUST WAIST COAT'  2020

Sandra Poulson, 'HALO TRUST WAIST COAT'  2020

This year, there are two runners up. Both of them are our favourites too! Kudos to Joseph Standing ‘Aqua No More’ and Mathilde Rougier Modular Augmented Capsule’. During yesterday’s winner’s announcement, Joseph states that 'I feel like when you are doing the work you are very passionate, and you are going behind it. But in the back of your mind, there’s always some sort of critique about the work you are doing. The thing is, it’s nice and I feel quite proud of myself that there are people in the wide world that have used my work and feel that it’s compelling enough to be put forward for a nice award'.

Joseph Standing, ‘AQUA NO MORE’, 2020 

While Mathilde says that '...it’s really an honour, because we work all year for this project. It gives me this opportunity to talk about what I’m interested in, which is all this textile and sustainability aspect in fashion and to be able to connect with people that are also interested in this and other insights. It’s really exciting!'

Mathilde Rougier, ‘MODULAR AUGMENTED CAPSULE’, 2020 

We also want to congratulate the winner Jahnavi Inniss for her amazing work ‘Representation’ for the 2020 Unilever #Unstereotype Award! During yesterday’s winner’s announcement, she said ‘It’s amazing because the key theme within my whole project is visibility so I’m extremely grateful that the public can now see and access my project and they can learn something new which was what I ever wanted for the project and real change can actually begin. What I explored is just a small fragment and there are so many more stories and histories that need to be told and acknowledged’.

Jahnavi Inniss, ‘REPRESENTATION’, 2020


It’s amazing to see this year’s MullenLowe NOVA Award frontrunners, who proved that despite what’s going on the creative community is still thriving! Again, congrats to all of you! 

All photos courtesy of the artist. 

All information received through MullenLowe NOVA’s press pack (collaboration). 

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