Sofía Clausse

Jacaranda #2, 2020

71 x 53 cm

Collage: Painted Tissue Paper on Fine Art Paper

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About the Work

Medium: Acrylic, Collage on Fine Art Paper

Signature: On the front

Condition: Brand new

Certificate of Authenticity: Included

Her Jacarandá pieces exemplify this process. These beautiful collages of organically layered floral silhouettes are pieces where all these interests are foregrounded. Her interest was sparked to start these works when last Autumn, she saw the leaves falling from the trees and covering the pavements in London. It made her think of how at the same time in Buenos Aires, the streets are covered with purple blossom leaves. So even though both cities have opposite seasons, these parallels ignited this process. ‘Flowers and leaves mark the passing of time and cycles in a year, and I like the parallels and differences happening across both hemispheres’. She started by cutting flowers out of tissue paper without knowing why. And then, a childhood song called Jacarandá by the Argentinian María Elena Walsh came to her mind the next day. Quite coincidentally, she found some other parallels. The song mentions tissue paper ('el cielo en la vereda dibujado está con espuma y papel de seda del jacarandá'), which was exactly what she was using. It also talks about the colours light blue and purple that she was painting the papers with, and the time of the year being now when the flowers blossom. So during the process, she found meaning. ‘All of these connections came afterwards, which surprised me and made me think of them as synchronicities.’ In other words, these pieces revolve around her main interests: time, repetition, cycles, and translation.

About the artist

In a world that is becoming increasingly unsettled, Argentina born artist Sofía Clausse investigates different kinds of systems through art. Repetition, time, language and translation, cycles, weaving, it’s an entangled web of systematic things she uses as material for observation using painting, paper, text, and custom made tools. She has graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design and is currently pursuing an MFA at the Royal Academy in London. In her work, the process of art-making and thinking through that process lies at the heart. ‘I am questioning my ways of thinking and making,’ she says, ‘and thus creating an idiosyncratic and personal process’. So the process itself, looking for systems, exploring its possibilities including its limitations, and finding meaning, guides her practice. She’s been exploring this by using text, letterforms, and the system of writing as the material in itself. She can mould, shape and explore the possibilities of these materials to see what they can do and how they could behave. ‘Through transforming, abstracting, or fragmenting, I want to explore the expressions and gestures of how my language, tools, body, spaces, and limitations function. My practice continues growing in spirals, feeding itself from itself.’

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