Taylor Bystrom

Taylor is part of Lick The Future, a where's the frame? collection of 6 London vanguard artists. Taylor is an American transgender Pop Artist specialised in 3D immersive art. Since transitioning 9 years ago from female to male, he has been changing the way we talk about gender, sexuality, and psychedelics. For more information or to collect his art, go to his collection page.


2018 - 2020

MFA from Goldsmiths University of London

2013 - 2017

BFA from Northern Arizona University

Selected Exhibitions


Lick The Future', where's the frame?, December - January, London

London Grads Now @ Saatchi Gallery

London Fashion Week February 2020 Showcase

Trap Art London


"Toil & Joy"- Solo show at Provoke Gallery, San Francisco

Deptford X

Group show "It's Waning Towards New Moon" Ben Oakley Gallery, London

Brew Club Duo show with Taryn O'Reilly, 2019


Taylor Bystrom -Solo show at Flagstaff Modern and Contemporary